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Astro Branding

Design your unique business with your astrological blueprint.

There's only one of you, just like your business.

Astonomical Clock
Astonomical Clock

What is Astro Branding?

Astro Branding is using your unique natal blueprint to discover your brand colors, fonts, messaging and even your soul client that are  naturally attracted to you.

It's all written in the stars! 

Cut through the noise and being a "cookie cutter" version of your brand!

Look no further than your natal chart to get all the answers to design your business the way it was meant to be.

DIY Astro Branding & Design

In this exclusive self-paced course, you'll get step-by-step, action-by-action, ways to design and create your unique business with your astrological natal chart. 

Learn your brand colors, brand voice and messaging that will work exclusively for your business, social media for you, even who and where your soul clients are and how you naturally attract them.


Premier Package

This design package is perfect for:

  • Solo freelancers & service based businesses

  • New or small businesses with simple services.

  • Artists wanting to showcase their portfolio

  • Coaches, guides, Intuitive's & other creative-by-nature professionals.

Image by Karly Jones

What's Included...

  • Domain connection & website setup on Wix, Squarespace  or Shopify.

  • Design of up to 5 beautiful & mobile-responsive pages (i.e. Home, About, Contact, Etc.)

  • Integration with Flodesk or mailchimp & social media

  • Basic on page SEO

  • Privacy & Terms Pages (or assistance with)

  • Guides, Resources, & Personalized video tutorials.

Add-on's & Extras

  • Coming Soon Page ( While you're site is being designed)

  • Blog set up 

  • Business Astrological Birth Chart & Interpretation

  • Simple E-commerce set up

  • Additional Pages

  • Brand Design

  • Email Welcome Automation set up

  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel (when code is provided)

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart
Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

Business Natal Chart

Did you know that your business also has a natal chart? This can be used in combination with your natal chart or solely to determine your unique messaging and so much more! 

Want to discover your business natal chart? Click the button below to learn more.

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