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Finding Your Soul Client... Easy Peasy!

We all want to find them.

Our SOUL Clients. Or ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar). It's what makes this marketing thing churn.

You're told so many times to narrow down, find your niche, speak to your ideal client. Which is all good marketing.

But what if I told you that you can discover who you Naturally attract using your natal chart?

Tis true! By looking at your natal chart (or that of your business) you can easily discover and KNOW who your soul client is. The ONE that you naturally attract. Without even realizing it. Just by showing up as YOU.

"Tell me more! Tell me More!", your brain is screaming right now!

Will do. But first, I must premise with this. All of the things you hear about finding who your soul client is should not be disputed. Discovering and diving in deep about the demographics, what she looks like, where she hangs out, etc. are important and valid. It helps to create a clear image of her and thus, "call her in"

But, adding the layer of who you NATURALLY CALL IN... well that's magic, baby! And it's what I live for! Let's use what's naturally given to us AND our deductive brains to get a FULL, clear picture.

It's all about your ascendant (rising) sign and Descendant sign. Final answer!

Some astrologers, (myself included) believe your rising sign is almost as important as your sun sign. It's how others already see you. It's how you already show up in the world. The opposite of this sign, is your descendant.

Your descendant sign is the astrological archetype that is naturally attracted and drawn to you. Your soul client!

Every zodiac sign has an opposite, a polarity. This creates a unique energy exchange.

Now, I'd like to point out that your descendant sign doesn't mean that your soul client will be that particular sun sign. It simply means they posses a lot of the qualities of that sign. For example: my rising sign is Libra which makes my soul clients the Aries archetype.

Aries are leaders and change makers. They are a fun loving bunch but also driven to be the first, the best. They want to make a difference.

Another area of your chart to look at to get some more insight into your soul client is your 7th house. This is the house for your relationships and partnerships. This includes not only romantic partners but business as well. If you have any planets or asteroids in this house, it can help give you a more robust picture of your soul client.

Now of course, these won't be the only people you attract. But these are the archetypes you naturally attract simply by being you!

But what if you don't know your time of birth to know what your rising sign is?

Not to worry. You could always go to someone who specializes in Rectification astrology. They use past events to help narrow it down. Or you could simply read the 12 different meaning of each rising sign. If you're completely honest with yourself, you'll know if one resonates with you more.

I hope you have enjoyed this little article on easily finding your soul clients! If you ever have any questions or comments on the subject, feel free to reach out to me. I love answering all of your questions.

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