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About The ODD Witch

me in glasses.png

Yep... That's me in the pics....

If you're here, you've already felt the shift.

Like a giant global awakening.


Your soul already KNOWS and is leading you to the undeniable truth that NOW is the time for you to show up, Authentically and make the impact you were brought here to do.

This space was created for you to start doing business in a way that will make your soul smile!



On Your terms.

You understand that being the creative, impactful entrepreneur requires a shift. It's not just doing the work, all the tasks, the marketing and the selling.


It's about a lifestyle shift.

About taking ALL the parts of YOU and using your Universal gifts to your advantage. Others may call it being "WOO". But you don't care. You walk around like you're carrying a little "woo" secret.

"Sticks and stones...."

All these things that others call, "woo",




Universal truths

Energy Work....

You already know how powerful these gifts can be. You already use them! Now is the time to blend them into your business and create more of what you came here to do.



Here you can expect to have open and REAL conversations about doing this deep soul work. No longer will you feel like the social outcast or spiritual misfit.


You have found your tribe!

Want to discuss lunar planning & launching?

Or maybe branding your business using your natal chart?

Or... even casting a Business Natal Chart.

It's about Mind, Body & Soulful Business.

Pull a card, smudge with some sage, meditate, be grateful and welcome!

If you ever need any support or have questions, you can reach out to me personally at

I'd love to hear your story. I'm so grateful that you've chosen to be here. Really, I mean that. You could be 100 different places in this moment and yet you chose to be here.

Thank You.


Tara a.k.a. The ODD Witch

Elemental Manifestation Guide Cover.png

Start Here. Grab this Free Guide I made for you . By now, you have probably heard of manifesting. But it's important to do it the RIGHT WAY, an intentional way. This guide will get you started. Enjoy!


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