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(....Get started RIGHT NOW with this simple roadmap!)

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From Tara Schafer (a.k.a. The ODD Witch

If you'd like to become a creative entrepreneur (or start that side hustle) that gives your more purpose AND makes a positive impact....

Then this will be the most important page you'll ever read.

Here's why.

I'm going to reveal...

A NEW framework that spiritual / soul-led / mystic women are using RIGHT NOW to start their dream business AND make a positive impact!

The framework you're about to see has been kept in the shadows... (until now)

I'm sure you can't wait to hear about it.


The Intuitive Business Framework I've outlined in this program has allowed me to achieve "the impossible."

But, I'm not suggesting you'll become a mystic business "guru" overnight.

The truth is, I'm not sure how successful the women that take this program will become.

The journey takes risk, sweat, time and equity and a lot of effort...(probably more than you think!) If that scares you, please feel free to exit now.

With that said... Let me jump in and show you



First, let me just say... this isn't your ordinary "start a business" program.

What you're about to learn, has the potential to spark the most awakened period in your life.

And it's about MORE than just starting a business...(or side hustle)


You can actually use the same framework to create other products, memberships, programs and positive impact in all areas of your life.

Whether you're just starting out or already have a business.

If you want to have a business without all the "bro" marketing AND feel great doing it, then this program will work for you.

Like I said, there's more to this program than just "business"

There's zero fluff or surface level content.

Just proven strategies that are turning creative, soulful, women into change makers that are creating an impact.

Here's a FRACTION of what you're getting...

  • A NEW framework that guides you step-by-step to create a business that is aligned with you

  • You have to hustle to have an online business? WRONG! Learn how without the burnout!

  • How to avoid the under-paid and over-work pattern...and what to do INSTEAD.

  • Use your intuition to know EXACTLY what to launch and promote.

  • How to leverage lunar energy to guide you. No more guesswork

The strategy you MUST master to have your business work for YOU.

  • How to do business with purpose.... so you ALWAYS stay in a flow state, NOT a hustle state.

  • Easily find your SOUL CLIENTS with cosmic branding. No more guessing.

  • Always have to be on all the social media? WRONG! I'll show you how to show up as you, in the way that works for your unique energy.

  • REAL strategy and systems that completely automate your business for you. Work LESS while creating more impact.

  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what you sell and who you serve. (No one is teaching business this way.)

KNOW EXACTLY who you naturally attract just by being you!

  • You need lots of money to start a business? WRONG! I'll teach you how to find quality, high end suppliers that won't cost you a dime!

  • The ONE Mindset technique every female entrepreneur needs to be successful. (This is a game changer for your business and life!)

  • Want the fastest way to scale WITHOUT spending tons on ads? I'll show you how to ORGANICALLY scale without any sleazy sales.

  • and so much more....

Yes, that was a lot to take in... But I'm just getting started.


You're also getting....

4 Exclusive ADVANCED Bonuses

BONUS 1: SEO & Organic Reach Mini Course (Value $197)

  • Get found on the FIRST page of Google. EASY step-by-step method.

  • Why your sales page is great for organic reach AND how to implement it.

  • Want the fastest way to scale WITHOUT spending tons on ads? I'll show you how to ORGANICALLY scale without any sleazy sales.

  • and so much more....

BONUS 2:  Cosmic Branding Course (Value $297)

  • Easily find your soul clients using your birth chart. It's written in the stars!

  • KNOW who you naturally attract AND how to show up as the leader you were born to be.

  • Learn on ANY device in a beautifully branded app.

  • COMPLETE site audit ($444 value)

BONUS 3: Sales Page Magic Lab (Value $197)

  • Done-for-you scripts to write the perfect sales page or product description.

  • EXACTLY what to include and what NOT to include.

  • The 5 things that ABSOLUTELY you must have in your sales page to SKYROCKET your impact.

  • 24/7 access to me to get ALL of your questions answered.

BONUS 4: The Ultimate Library of Resources (Value $497)

  • An ever growing Library of Resources of EVERY tool I have ever used!

  • Video walkthroughs and Q&A's answered. NO MORE tech overwhelm!

  • Feedback form. I will personally look into ANY new tool or software for you BEFORE you try!

  • 24/7 access to me to get ALL of your questions answered.

Here's what to do next...

The investment in your business will ONLY cost you $97.

​and you'll receive access to the LIVE round of The Intuitive Business Academy starting on January 6, 2024.​​​

Every Sunday NEW trainings will be released.

A group coaching call every Saturday to get answers to ALL of your questions.

PLUS... access to me during our 6 weeks together via a beautifully branded app so you can learn on ANY device how YOU want to learn.

Oh and in case you're wondering....

There is NO CATCH...

I'm doing this at this beta launch at this LOW investment because I want to be sure YOU get the results YOU want. 

This WILL require you to give feedback AND be part of the creation process.

-If you're thinking $97 is cheap... I'm happy to put your mind at ease.

1.Getting the knowledge out there in the right hands, is more important to me than ever.

2.My goal is to OVER-deliver so you might consider working with me in the future. (That would be a dream come true!)

3.I know you're here to do great things... so I trust that the right woman will say yes and invest in herself.

That being said... there is ONE more thing to keep in mind....

Time is of the essence!

Here's why...

Like I said...


Since this is beta 6 week coaching program, the price WILL go up.

This WILL be the ONLY time I offer this at the LOW price point of $97. (ONLY because you're subscribed. Normally $597 for the beta program)

So, why should I do that?

Simple, I want to help you start and grow you business from a place of alignment.....

and I have the power to that.

But like I said...


If I can't get the numbers to work, I'll have to take this page down.

So, don't miss this while it's still available...

This is honestly a limited time offer.

And I can't wait to help you start your dream business!

with a 6 week LIVE round of The Intuitive Business Academy at this Beta price ONLY once.

6 weeks of live group couching

A beautifully branded app to learn on ANY device the way YOU want.

Live Q&A's with me to get all of your questions answered.

A community of like minded women to support you along the way.

PLUS... 4 exclusive bonuses.


What is the format of this program? The Intuitive Business Academy is a 6 week group coaching program with self-paced learning as well. Plus you will access to me via chat daily for the entire 6 weeks to answer any questions you may have.

What will I learn each week? ​ Week 1: Clarity. The first week is about getting clear on your business. Exactly who you serve, your Big why along with validating your product or service.  ​ Week 2: Your Presence. This week you'll learn how to set up and use your email to your advantage. It's time to grow that email list! Plus, how to leverage social media WITHOUT spending hours scrolling. ​ Week 3: You'll get your website set up. (Other options are available if you choose not to have a website, along with some free options!)  ​ Week 4: Marketing. In this week, you'll get your marketing clarified and have a plan that works for you to grow your business. (This week is going to be fun!) ​ Week 5: Mindset. This one is so important and one that most programs don't include. But any entrepreneur will tell you that the right mindset is sometimes the difference between success and failure. ​ Week 6: Systems. This is where you'll organize and set up systems to keep your new business running in flow and ease!

Is this really only $97? Yes! I'm offering this program at a founder's price ONLY this ONE time. In return I'm asking for your participation and feedback to make this program better for you and future students.

Is there a refund or guarantee? Yes! There is a 7 day refund policy available. Due to the high touch point and 1:1 of this program, I'm not able to offer a more standard 30 day refund. But at the great price point of $97, it's a win-win. I can guarantee that you will learn very useful information and feedback on creating your business. I can't guarantee any success or certain amount of money that you'll make in X amount of time. This will be up to you. This program is for motivated, smart, creative women that understand and know that they need to do the work. This is not a "get rich quick" program.

Who is this program for? This program is for you if you're willing to do the work, get out of your comfort zone and finally take that leap to start and grow you're own business (or side hustle...)

Who is this program NOT for? This program is NOT for you if you're looking for a "get rich quick" anything. Or if you think that you just put up a website and poof! customers show up. If you aren't willing to learn new things and get out of your comfort zone.

Who are you to teach me this? Great question. I'm Tara Schafer (a.k.a. The ODD Witch). I'm a multipassionate entrepreneur. I've owned and operated several businesses in my lifetime. Including a successful brick and mortar coffee shop, A bespoke corsetier company, a luxury fetish inspired online lingerie store, and my new baby... The ODD Witch. Astrology and resources for mystic entrepreneurs! Some fun facts about me: I'm a virgo, with a libra rising and a Taurus moon. I've raised 4 beautiful children. I have two dogs and a beautiful Scottish husband. (I like to call him Shrek!) I'm passionate about helping other creative and passionate woman with their business!

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