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The ONLY APP where modern, mystic entrepreneurs, spiritual misfits, witches, and ANYONE ELSE that  never proudly "fit in", create and blend business & life in a holistic way. 


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A Beautifully Branded App

A beautifully Branded App at your fingertips! Learn on-the-go at YOUR Convenience. 

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Use on any device

Can be used on any device. Mobile, tablet, laptop or even PC. Not only do you get the app, but you can also learn on the device that's comfortable for YOU.

What You Get


NEW Monthly Trainings & Courses

Every month, you'll have access to new courses and trainings made with you in mind. I create these according to your feedback. Co-creation.

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Private Podcast

A monthly private podcast strictly for Premium members. Featuring interviews with YOU... the members. YES! A place to self-promote!


Cosmic Branding Course

A Mini course for premium members to learn how to use your business and /or natal chart to brand your business. Take the guesswork out of branding. It's written in the stars.

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Business Resources

I ONLY teach what I've learned. Each month, get a new training on tools I use, business resources and even some templates, made with you in mind.

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A Private Tribe

This is NOT another Facebook Group! This IS a private community of like-minded women without all the noise of social media. FINALLY, be heard and have a REAL conversation.

Assorted Crystals

Magical Correspondence Guide

All of your monthly magical correspondences in ONE place. This is about YOU coming out of the broomstick closet after all!

More of What You Get

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

Simple Astrology for non Faerie-folk

A course... I mean  QUEST teaching how to ACTUALLY read a chart. WITHOUT having to be "Pro" Astrologer. HINT: If you're not a Fairie, this quest is for you!

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Lunar Planning 

You've heard it before.... New Moon vs Full Moon.... "What should I do?", "What's the right way to use the moon's energy?" Not to worry! I got you. From an experienced witch & entrepreneur (that's me!) Get guidance on this "Moonlight Journey."

Semicircle of Crystals

Body, Mind & Soulful Business

This IS the foundation of The ODD Coven App. Body, Mind & Soulful Business. It takes ALL of them to design the life you desire. Body: Movement, Mind: Mindset & Soulful Business: Making it cohesive. You ALREADY use these universal gifts.... blend them into your business.

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It's always good to challenge yourself! How else will you grow? New challenges to  expand your mind, outlook and of course...Your Business!

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