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Astrology Talk for Awesome Folks

Updated: Jun 1

While checking your email, you see one from your favorite astrologer. You open it right away because you just love hearing from her and all the juicy details she forecasts for your day.

Instead of reading from the beginning, your eyes go to the second paragraph. The first few lines from this astrologer always has "astrology speak". You know, Jupiter conjunct this, Sun square that. Quite honestly, you love astrology and get the basics, but that stuff means nothing to you.

You do like when she talks about the Full and New moons though. But even that, once she starts saying a Full Moon in Libra..... lost your attention again.

I completely understand, before I knew what all of this meant, I did exactly the same thing. But once I learned some basic "astro-speak", it all made sense.

Of course, I can't explain everything about Astrology to you in this article. But I can shed some light on some basic Astro-speak.


Let's start at the very basics. Your chart is made up of 12 different houses. Each house represents a certain area of life. For example, the 3rd house represents communication, travel, and even some technology.

You may have planets in certain houses and others will be empty. (By the way, empty houses aren't necessarily a bad thing. Can even be considered easy energy in that area of your life.)

These planets will be in a particular sign for your chart. But even an empty house has a ruler of that house. These are called the house cusps. Check out the image below.

Astrology Chart

Whatever sign is on the cusp of a house is the ruler of that house. Your first house ruler is ALWAYS your Rising or Ascendent sign. So, using the chart above, this person has a Libra rising sign.

That crazy maze of lines in the middle of the chart are the aspects. This is showing you how all of those energies are working together.

I won't get into all of them, but here are the major aspects and what they mean.

CONJUNCT: This a fancy way of saying very close together. Within a few degrees close. This means that the planets that are conjunct almost form one energy together instead of two separate energies. This can be a good thing or not so much. Depending on the planets and where they are in the chart. You won't see the symbol for conjunct on most charts. But if you look at an aspects table it will be there.

SQUARE: Yep, you guessed it, it looks like a square! This aspect mean there is some tension with the planets involved. It's not all doom and gloom though. No aspect or point on a chart is. But it does mean that you may have to work a little harder in this area to find a balance.

TRINE: This one easy to remember because it looks just like a triangle. This aspect means that there is ease and flow with the energy of the planets involved. The only downside to this is that sometimes since this comes so easily to you, it's almost pushed to the wayside. These can and should be strengths that you lean into more. Even with the flowy, easeful energy of a trine.

SEXTILE: Similar to the trine, this is also a nice easy energy. However, it's not quite as strong as a good trine. But it's still nice to look at a chart as see lots of beautiful sextiles!

OPPOSITION: This happens when two planets or chart points are creating an opposing energy. Like the name suggests, they are in opposition to one another and literally opposite on the chart. Think of this like a game of tug-o-war with the planets involved. Again, none of this is doom and gloom. Sometimes, the opposition can help be helpful. It's similar to having some competition in business. You need it to help push things along and progress more. The key here is the find the balance to working with the two energies involved in an opposition.

Now let's take a look at Full Moon and New Moons in a sign.

Every 28 days or so, the moon completes one full cycle. In this cycle will be a Full Moon and a New Moon. Of course there are other phases along the way. But for simplicity of this post, we're going to just focus on The Full and New Moon phases.

You might here sometimes about the waxing and waning of the moon. If you're multi-tasking, come back to me for a second...

Waxing is when the moon is going from A New Moon to a Full Moon. While waning is the opposite. A Full Moon to a New Moon. Just remember waxing is "maxing" or getting bigger. Easy Peasy!

Next up, we're going to add the zodiac signs.

If you hear an astrologer say there's going to be a New Moon in Sagittarius for example. Just look at the outer ring of your chart and make note of what house this sign is in. This will tell you which area of your life or business that The Full Moon's energy will be activating the most.

If you look at the chart above as an example, Sagittarius is on the cusp of the second and third house. This means, 2nd house, personal belongings and money. and 3rd house, house of communications and travel. Knowing that Sagittarius is an expansive, optimistic energy, I would say this would be an easy energy to work with. (Depending on all the other chart points, of course.)

But we're keeping it simple!

Now that you know and understand some basic "astro-speak", enjoy reading your next horoscope!

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