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Your Big Three-Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

If you've been in the astrology world for any length of time, you've heard of "Your Big Three"

What the heck is so important about your big three? That is your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign. ( Sometimes referred as your ascendant.)

These three sign help to show you a more well rounded version of your unique blueprint. Most of know that you're not just your sun sign. That's why that daily horoscope you read is so vague. Every Virgo in the entire world is not going to be having the same day!

Let's dive into this some more.

Your Sun sign. This is where you "shine" the most. This is usually the archetype your most familiar with. It is your identity, your essence. Even if you don't resonate completely with your sun sign, you'll have to admit that part of your characteristics are aligned with your sun sign.

Your Moon sign is all about your emotions and what you need to feel in order to "feel like yourself."

Your Rising (or ascendant) is how you show up in the world. This is how others already see you. Sometimes, I hear the rising called a mask that you wear. But personally, I don't think it's a mask. This would mean you were trying to hide your true identity.

Your rising sign is the sign the was rising in the sky at the exact moment your were born. This is why you need to know your time of birth. Without this, the chart will be incorrect.

If you don't know the time you were born, you can check your birth certificate, ask a relative or even call the hospital where you were born. You can also go to an astrologer that specializes in rectification. They can help also you discover the time you were born.

What's so interesting about your Big three is that they all work together in a little energy dance to help create the unique personality of you.

I have a co-worker that is a Virgo Sun like me. However, while she does have a lot of Virgo characteristics, (organized, analytical, etc. ) she seemed more like a Leo at times. Telling animated stories, wearing brightly colored clothes, enjoying being in the spotlight.

When I took a look at her chart, I could see that she does in fact have lots of Leo energy, including a Leo rising!

This makes sense since your rising sign is how others in the world see you.

You are part sun sign, part moon sign and part your rising sign. Also, depending on which house these signs are in shed more light on you. (Your ascendant is the exception. It is always on the cusp of your first house.)

Now go grab a copy of your chart and take a closer look at your big three. Lean into these signs and learn more about your unique cosmic blueprint.

***You can get a free copy of your birth chart at sites like , or even at

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