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The ONLY reason to start a business or side hustle

It seems as long as I can remember, I had some sort of side hustle going. The first one I remember was when I was five and my older sister and I decided to sell rocks to the neighborhood kids. (Yes. I said rocks!) We convinced them they were "magical". Of course one little boy ran home crying that we took all of his allowance. That ended that little business.

Since then, I've created and ran several small businesses. Or side hustles. Some successful (according to my definition of success.) and others not so much! Some brick and mortar, others completely online.

I recently had a coach that I was thinking of using, tell me that I shouldn't teach and help others start and grow their businesses. Her reasoning was that I hadn't made "X" amount of money yet with my business. Keep in mind that the "X" factor was very high! I chose not to work with her.

Here's why. While it's true that you shouldn't try to teach/coach/help others with something you haven't done before or have no experience with. (Think of the people who love to give parental advice with no children themselves.) I don't teach anything I haven't done myself. And while I am striving to make more profit in my business, my definition of success and my goals are just that. Mine. Just as yours are yours. Simply because this coach didn't think I was successful (according to her definition of success) doesn't mean I don't have something of value to share. It also doesn't mean that my business is a failure simply because I haven't crossed a certain financial threshold. This coach just has a different definition of success. One that clashed with mine.

My guess is that you too want a side hustle or your own small business or even an empire. (that's why your reading this.) Your goals will be different from others. As they should be. You might just want to have a little spending cash. Or maybe you want to work less to have more time with your family. Maybe you want to quit your 9 to 5. Or maybe you just want the experience and satisfaction of starting and running your own business. Whatever your reason or ultimate goals, don't let anyone tell you that you aren't successful. If they do, ask them, "what's your definition of success?"

Also, don't do that thing where you compare yourself to everyone else online then beat yourself up. The comparison game can ruin your day if you let it! It's okay if you want to make $100,000.00 a year just as it's ok to want to make 8 figures a year. They are your goals, no one else's.

Heck I think anyone who attempts to chase their dreams and crush their goals is successful. Even if you fail. At least you tried. Now I know you may be rolling your eyes at that cliche line. But, I believe it to be true. Do you want to be the person who says, " I always wanted to have [insert business idea]. Or to you want to be the person who says, " I have a business (or side hustle) that I love!

If you've been in this online space for a bit you'll hear all the time to choose your big why. The reason that gets you pumped and motivated to go after your dreams. So now is your chance, what's your big why? What's your goal for yourself and your business? Find it. Guard it. Use it everyday to help you. Especially when things get a little tough or scary. But don't let anyone take it from you and tell it's not good enough. Go and get that thing that lights you up. Even if it's selling rocks!

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