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The Happiness Project/Lucid Dreaming Ideas

Take What You Need
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I get some of my best ideas in this dream state. You know, that state when you're just starting to become aware of the world around you, but can easily drift in and out of sleep.

This morning, I had an idea for what I am calling, The Happiness Project.

Here's how it works.

Each day, you do something anonymously to brighten someone's day.

This could e little notes you leave at the grocery store. Or a random sign that you hang up to remind someone they are special. (I'm going to do both! Plus anything else I can think up.)

Maybe, I'll create a special group for this project where we can post our "happy ideas".

Now why would I do this, you may be wondering?

Firstly, it makes me feel good to know some of my actions might just help someone. All of us are fighting a secret battle inside, alone.

It could be a kind word, a small gesture, a little inspiration that could make the difference for someone in a dark place right now.

It has the possibility to change someone's life!

The way to your happiness and joy is to help others by spreading happiness and joy.

If you want to join me for The Happiness Project, email me at

You can even download the first sign I'll be hanging up around my neighborhood and get started today!

I'd love to see pictures of all the inspiring things you do for The Happiness Project.

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