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The One About Just Listening to The Universe.

Hello there, it's Tara the Odd Witch. I talk a lot about astrology. But in this post, I want to tell you how astrology isn't everything. It's so easy to relate just about anything to astrology. That's why there's so many different applications for astrology. Makes it a useful tool. I even do Erotic Astrology Chart readings for couples.

But you really shouldn't.

just as you shouldn't relate everything to tarot or oracle cards or meditation, mindfulness, or even gratitude.

Now don't get me wrong, all of those things have their place, but that's because

you already know the answers to just about anything you're asking.

Now, I'm not talking about questions like, the answers to mathematical equations, or what do you want for dinner.

I mean the big questions.

The ones that your soul whispers to you.

You know, those big, deep questions. Now, there's nothing wrong with astrology, of course, or tarot, or oracle cards, gratitude. I use all of those. But it's important to remember that these are tools.

They're just tools to help you listen.

And that is to listen to the universe, God, goddess, spirit, whatever you want to name it, it doesn't matter.

You know, you just feel it.

And here's a little personal story. So, quite a few years ago, I had a very, very, very dear friend of mine pass away suddenly. And this woman that I worked with came up to me a couple of days after it happened and said to me,

"listen, I don't mean to be weird, but I have this thing where, people have passed on can speak to me."

Now stick with me, this might sound a little woo woo, and it is. I didn't even know that she had this gift at the time and I hadn't even told her that my friend had passed. We weren't super close. So anyhow, she comes to me and she says that he's got this really important message for me. She then went on to tell me conversations that him and I had had. Private conversations, and All sorts of things, that there's no way she could have ever known these things.

And no, she didn't ask me for any money, so it wasn't like she was trying to scam me out of money. The one thing she said to me was that he's been keeping me up at night, which was true. I couldn't sleep, something was always itching, or I couldn't get comfortable. She told me that he's going to keep doing that until I get the message that he's trying to send me.

Now, I really knew it was my friend when she said,

"Oh, and he says, you don't have to light a candle or do any weird magic stuff like you normally do."

My friend really didn't believe in any of that and he thought I was pretty silly for doing any sort of "woo" things. So that kind of solidified for me that yes, this was my friend speaking to her.

I was so confused and still upset by the loss of him.

It was the weirdest thing. Just one night I woke up and I knew exactly what the message was.

And the message was to just listen.

It was a strange feeling because I knew what he meant was to listen to the messages that universe, that spirit is giving me and using to guide me with every day.

Now these messages can be, a song you hear on a radio. a conversation you overhear, a sentence you read in a book, anything.

You'll know it's meant for you because you'll feel it.

It's this immense feeling of energy, and you just know it's for you. So I guess what this whole post is about is reminding you to listen.

If you want, ask the universe a question.

She will answer.

Here's one of my favorite manifestation stories.

I used to do these little experiments just to see if I could manifest. Simple little things to see how spot on I was and how energetically in tuned I was to Universe.

One day I said I wanted to see butterflies.

So I asked the universe to see butterflies, but at first I said I want to see blue butterflies. And then I said I want to see yellow. butterflies. All day I couldn't make up my mind. But I just kept saying blue or yellow butterflies.

At the end of the day, I was talking to my husband and I was telling him about my experiment and that I was a little upset because I didn't see any blue or yellow butterflies.

I just kept seeing green butterflies.

My husband looked at me with a little grin and said,

"Tara, yellow and blue make green."

So you get exactly what you ask for. So trust me, the universe/spirit is always ( and ALL ways) listening.

And our job is to, to listen back.

It's okay to use astrology and even tarot cards or gratitude to help you listen. Those things are wonderful. Just remember theses are tools that you can use to help you listen and offer guidance.

But ultimately, what you need to do is: just listen, be in the moment, pay attention.

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